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3 Months, Certificate Course in Embedded System

Apsys Solutions is the leading technology training institute in Bengalore providing professional trainings which are designed by keeping in mind brightest career interests of fresh graduates who will be the tomorrows innovators and leaders of the IT Industry. Our primary focus is to provide the highly industry relevant, value-added, and quality training on the latest emerging technologies.

Our 3 Months, Certificate Course in Embedded System, has been designed to give insights into embedded hardware and software technologies which are the starting point to design and develop the current and future embedded devices such as mobile devices, complex networking products, Internet of Things etc. This course is best opportunity for students from Engineering in EC, EE, TC, CS, IT / BCS/ MCS / MSc / MCA / Professionals

In real open source, you have the right to control your own destiny. - Linus Torvalds

Course Highlights

  • Expert trainers with decades of Industry Experiance
  • Focus on handson practicals
  • Convinient Batch Timings
  • State of the Art Computer Lab
  • Widely used Embedded Target Boards
  • Microcontrollers

Course Takeaways

  • Handson Practical Knowledge
  • Certificate from Institute
  • Recommendation and Guidance for Books
  • 3 Months Guidance & Assistance for Placement
  • Free Subscription to Technology Email Alerts
  • Guidance for Resume Preparation
  • Guidance for Interview Prepation
  • Course Material

Getting Started

Module 1: Embedded System & Linux
  • Embedded System - Practical Approach
    • Understanding Embedded System Usecases
    • Why Embedded System is different & How
    • CPU & Peripheral Interfaces
    • Understanding hardware interfacing
    • Microprocessor & Microcontroller Embedded System
    • Embedded system with ARM platform
  • Linux as development OS
    • Installing Ubuntu Linux on desktop
    • Linux command line and commands
    • Linux Directory Structure, Accounts, Permissions
    • Basic of using Editors
    • Linux shell scripting
    • Managing software packages
    • Understanding Host & Target platforms
Module 2: C Programming, OS Concepts
  • Basic of C programming required for Embedded programming
    • Data Types, Variables, Constants, Storage Classes, Operators
    • Preprocessors, Conditions, For, While Loops
    • Functions, Recursions
    • Strings
    • Data Structures and Unions
    • Arrays & Pointers
    • File Input / Output
    • Linked List
    • Automation using Makefiles
    • Development & Compilation of C programs on Linux
  • Operating System Fundamentals
    • Introduction to Embedded Operating Systems
    • Process Management and Inter-Process-Communication, Scheduling, Memory Management, I/O Subsystem
    • POSIX Thread Programming ( Multithreading ), POSIX Semaphores, Mutexes
    • Interrupts handlers, Timers
    • Introduction to Networking, TCP, UDP Socket Programing
    • Filesystem
    • Kernel Mode Vs User Mode and its security aspects
Module 3: Embedded Linux, Kernel, Device Drivers
  • Embedded Linux - Practical Approach
    • Embedded Linux System Architecture ( Stack )
    • Introduction to Boot loaders and Board Support Packages
    • Understanding Linux Booting from PowerON to Application
    • Middleware Libraries, Creating & Linking Library
    • Application communications with system libraries and hardware
    • Understanding Busybox
    • Embedded File Systems
  • Introduction to Linux Kernel & device drivers
    • Embedded Linux Kernel Internals - Understanding Source Architecture
    • Embedded Linux Device Drivers
    • Building &amo; Execution of Linux Kernel Modules
    • Char device driver - UART / Serial Communication
    • Introduction to Bulk & Network device drivers
Module 4: Development Tools, Booting on ARM
  • Development Software Tools
    • Automation Tools - GNU Makefiles, CMake
    • Shell Scripts & Automation
    • Binutils, Compilers, Debuggers
    • Embedded Toolchain - Understanding & Creation
  • Building and Booting Embedded Linux on ARM Platform
    • Difference between Native & Cross Compilation
    • Cross Compiling Linux Kernel, Bootloader
    • Building Bootable Filesystem
    • Setting up file system, kernel, bootloader for booting target
    • Understanding of Linux kernel booting as seen on Board
    • Remote Login to embedded platform
    • Logging mechanisms
    • Cross compiling Application Software & Running on Board
Module 5: Microcontroller & Best Industry Practices

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